Flow Liner

Flow-Liner® Systems, Ltd. manufacture and supply innovative systems, equipment and products to rehabilitate utility piping, underground ducts, and conduits for both inside and outside of commercial and residential buildings. Flow-Liner® specializes in water, sewer, utility, and HVAC re-lining systems. Our pipe, underground duct, and conduit lining materials, as well as our plastic manholes and chambers, are tested to a minimum life expectancy of 50+ years. We have non-invasive cost effective solutions for our customers.

Our "Certified Installers" are professionally trained and ready to rehabilitate any pipe, conduit, or underground HVAC duct system you may have.
  • Single & Multi-Story Commercial Buildings
  • Schools & Universities
  • Government Buildings & Complexes
  • Hospitals & Nursing Facilities
  • Residential & Multi-family Developments
  • Municipal Infrastructures
 Distributors of:
  • Polypropylene & HDPE Inspection Chambers and Manholes
  • Patented Neofitâ„¢ Potable Water Service Lining System
Ridgid Diagnostic Equipment and Cameras